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Personalized Art that Tells Your Story



Let me bring your story to life on canvas...  

There are no words. I have struggled to write a review because I truly cannot express how thrilled we are with this exquisite creation! Museum-worthy. Epic. Stunning. Everyone who sees it is awed by the presence and magic. The play of light and color and shadow are truly masterful. Thank you seems inadequate!!! But, thank you, Lori, for bringing my Husband's story to life in such a profound way!

— Donna, Huntsville, AL

Lori Tatum Art-27.jpg

Does the art in your home reflect who you are   and what you hold

dear to your heart?

I can help!

Lori Tatum Art-5.jpg

Get a Custom Piece

Let me create a piece of artwork that makes your story come to life on canvas!

Every painting begins with a story...


I would love to paint yours


Original Artwork

Connect with your story through a piece of original artwork I have already created.

"The art you choose should speak to

your emotions

and take you to

your happy place" 

Lori Tatum Art-5.jpg
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