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Lori Tatum is a loving wife, mother of two and grandmother to five beautiful children.  Lori began her art journey later in life to uncover a hidden dream from early childhood.  In just eight short years after becoming skilled in many different mediums, she has settled into a love for oils and pastels. Her work is representational with the occasional abstract and filled with emotion. She has a passion for portraiture especially children and animals. Her work tells a story bringing special moments to life on the canvas. 

“My mission as an artist is to help others see the goodness around them.  My desire is to take people to a place in their hearts that reflect a positive emotional experience.  I see art as a vehicle for meditation to bring a person to a place of joy and peace among the midst of a chaotic world. A person’s home should be a reflection of who they are and the values and experiences they hold dear to them.  It is their story.  My goal is to recreate these experiences on canvas to enrich the daily life of the viewer. It all begins with a story.”  

                                                                                 ~Lori Tatum  

Awards and Acheivments

  • 2018 AAAC Regional Art Competition

2nd Place for "Nilla Fishing"

  • 2017 American Art Awards International Online Art Competition - (Impressionistic Animals category)

                  5th place among competitors in 56 countries for

"Nilla Fishing"

Nilla Fishing
Lori Tatum Art-78.jpg
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